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corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 54,
47121, Forlì FC,


The mystic of late XIX century boulevards are brought home by the masterpiece Lumière suspension lamp. A confluence of Victorian street lights and architectural tectonic form, the Lumiére exemplifies the contemporary dualities of art and functionality. Hanged by two chains, a striking broken pole lies as an antique fixture with four intricate edge detailing arms topped by elegant pane lanterns hand-sculpted by casting molds. Born from the rich tradition of iron forging and skilled goldsmiths, this majestic chandelier is a soulful piece with classic distinction for outstanding private residences to the greatest contract settings. A ground-breaking collectible design for present-day luxe and timeless statement.

Foundry, casting brass.

Product features

Materials: Lamp made of brass. Five points of light and two switches. Lamp made with casting molds. Patina Finish.

Brand: Boca Do Lobo



Ø 280 CM | 110.2 IN D 130 CM | 51.1 IN

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